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WoTUG name and conferences

Since this discussion is going public (not a bad thing!), here is the reply
I mailed John and Hamid ...

> The WoTUG-23 conference will be titled: "Communicating Process Architectures".
> It will seek papers on any issues on this topic - software, hardware, theory
> and practice.  The CPA title will be emphasised and WoTUG will be there only
> as the organising body - with WoTUG never expanded into words.  In fact,
> WoTUG is just "WoTUG" from now on - just a name, not an acronym.
> The CPA (subtitled WoTUG-23 in *low* emphasis) web pages will be off the new
> WoTUG web site we are busy building.  I'm trying to excise the "transputer"
> word from this site but I don't think it's completely possible - so many
> things still depend on transputer *concepts*.  Anyway, "transputer" will
> not be prominent anywhere ...
> Do you think that will be enough so that funding bodies will not be deterred?

As Ruth says, the WoTUG name can only fromally be changed at AGMs (during
the conference) and we've spent *many* years discussing this.  The consensus
(don't know how to spell that) from the WoTUG committee is to keep the name
as a recognised name - and forget that it used to be an acronym for something
else.  So, "transputers" are to "WoTUG" as "telegraphs" are to "ITT" - an
important piece of history.  This applies, of course, only to "transputers"
as related to the family of processors that used to be sold by SGS-Thomson.
The transputer idea (including large chunks of its technology) lives on in
many places ...


PS. I'm told that over 50% of TV set-top boxes sold in Europe have a real
    transputer inside - full transputer instruction set plus one link ...
    there may be more transputers beind sold in these products than were
    ever sold in the 1980s ... but until the manufacturers decide to put
    little "transputer inside" stickers on their boxes, the above plan
    still stands ... so shhh ... don't mention the T-word ...