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WoTUG-23 Final CFP

Please find enclosed the final call for papers for WoTUG 23 to be held at
Napier University Edinburgh in April 2000.

The details are also available at www.dcs.napier.ac.uk/~jmk/wotugcfp.html

                                 WoTUG 23
                            Communicating Systems
                              Call For Papers
                             16-19 April 2000
           School of Computing, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK

This conference addresses the theory, technology and applications of
Communicating Systems.  At the application level, the emphasis will be on
reporting how the theory and technology is used -- design patterns leading
to simple, secure and efficient systems.  Experiences on the use of CSP,
Java, occam and Handel - and other tools - to design and implement
communicating systems (hardware and/or software) will be particularly
relevant.  Any aspect and any level of communicating system is of interest
to this meeting (e.g. mobile computing, internet agents, novel
multithreaded processor architecture, formal methods for the design and
analysis of concurrency, ...).

The conference also has a tutorial program aimed at anyone responsible for
teaching in the above areas. With the growing number of Universities
switching to Java as the prime language for imperative programming, this
meeting is especially timely.

WoTUG 23 is the 23rd Technical Conference of the World occam and Transputer
User Group - a world-wide network of scientists and engineers engaged in
the theory, implementation and application of communicating systems.  Long
outgrown its original focus on occam and the Transputer, WoTUG reflects the
growing maturity in analysis, modeling and solutions of real-world problems
through the use of safe and simple multi-threaded and distributed
techniques that rely on a communicating paradigm. Traditionally, these
techniques have not been described as safe and simple, but it is these
attributes that have always driven the technical developments reported and
discussed at the WoTUG meetings.  Come along, but be prepared to talk all
through the night...


Suggested topics for papers or tutorials include

   * Multithreading in Java, Handel,  occam and other languages.
   * Using packages such as JCSP (CSP for Java) and CTJ (Communicating
     Threads for Java).
   * Parallel and distributed architectures.
   * Concurrent Design Patterns (see Doug Lea's book Concurrent Programming
     in Java).
   * Reconfigurable Hardware (FPGAs etc.).
   * Security Issues (Deadlock, Livelock, Starvation, etc.).
   * Theory (CSP, monitors, semaphores, spin-locks, ...).
   * Scientific Engineering and Business Applications (not forgetting
   * Anything else relevant to Communicating Systems.


                Tutorial Proposals         21 January 2000
                Full / Nearly-full papers  21 January 2000
                Notification of acceptance 4  February 2000
                Camera-ready papers        3  March 2000

Please submit papers and tutorial proposals to the conference organizer by
the above date. Emailed submissions, word documents and pdf are preferred,
but postscript is also acceptable.

Conference Organizer

Professor Jon Kerridge
School of Computing
Napier University
219 Colinton Road
EH14 1DJ

Phone: +44 131 455 4395 (UK 0131 455 4395)
Fax:     +44 131 455 4552(UK 0131 455 4552)
Email: j.kerridge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The scientific program is refereed by the international WoTUG Program
Committee at http://www.hensa.ac.uk/parallel/groups/wotug/committee.html

Published Proceedings

The Proceedings will be published by IOS Press, Netherlands as part of the
Concurrent Systems Engineering Series (ISSN 1383-7575).

Style sheets for papers for WoTUG 23 can be found at:
including LaTeX style sheets and MS Word templates.
A specific template for word97 is also available.

Java is a Trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc.
occam is a Trademark of SGS-Thomson Microelectronics Inc.
Handel is a Trademark of Embedded Solutions Ltd.
other trademarks are acknowledged
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Department of Computer Studies	fax 	+(0) 131 455 4552
Napier University		email 	j.kerridge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
219 Colinton Road               web     http://www.dcs.napier.ac.uk/~jmk
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