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CSP library for VxWorks/Posix


On the application we're working on now a TMS320C32 will (again)
run occam code through SPoC. It's a PC/104 slave board being
controlled by a 386EX PC/104 master board running VxWorks and 
it will do TCP/IP to the external world.

I'd like the VxWorks application to be programmed using a CSP
interface. VxWorks has Posix semaphores, Posix named semaphores
and Posix message queues (in adition to "private" variants).

VxWorks also has pipes that has this great quality that they can 
be used with a select. The select has timeout! Pipes can be made

  Does anybody know of a transputer-C-toolset-type API that 
  could be ported to this platform, or would you suggest that 
  we just use pipe-selects which do look rather nice.

I have tried comp.os.vxworks. One reply from Ram Meenakshisundaram
with the source code of a library that Dipl.-Ing. Michael Kabot
wrote. But is has no ALT functions.

I have tried uchan at
but the author says it's a hack, so I don't dear.


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