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A CSP model for Java threads - a subtle point

So far my FDR analysis of JCSP has been met with total silence, perhaps
because most of you are away on holiday, but there was a very interesting
issue that I should have highlighted. I didn't realise how significant
it was at the time I posted my last message.

In Peter's CSP model the wait method was defined like this...

WAIT(o,me) = release.o.me -> waita.o.me ->  waitb.o.me -> claim.o.me ->

Using this definition I found that JCSP was incorrect - the channel may
deadlock. The reason is that there is window of time between events
release.o.me and waita.o.me where a thread neither holds the monitor
nor belongs to the auxilliary pool of waiting threads. During this
time interval it is possible for a notify event to be fired and
to miss its target.

So I redefined the wait method like this...

WAIT(o,me) = waita.o.me -> release.o.me ->  waitb.o.me -> claim.o.me ->

Now everything works out fine, because a thread holds onto the monitor
until after it has joined the waiting pool..

But was I right to do this? Or do implementations of Java exist where the
time interval that Peter modelled really does happen? I hope not, because 
if that were so JCSP would be prone to arbitrary deadlocks, and we would
all have to go back to the drawing board.


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