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Now why can't we do that in industry?

Chris J

In message <E10mZAH-0002Ft-00@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, P.H.Welch
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>Hi Michael,
>> > We had a MEiKO installed in 1987 and it grew to 174 T800s by
>> > 1989.  It's been out of maintenance since 1991 but still keeps
>> > on running.  Sadly, I'm told the `millenium bug' will kill off
>> > its SunOS (SPARC-hosted) operating system at the end of this
>> > year and nobody will upgrade it to Solaris ... :-(
>> This is (nearly) as bad as the "spokesmen" who claim that the millenium 
>> will make all lifts inoperable.  How many programs that you run on the 
>> care in the slightest what year it is?
>> ......................................  Just winch the clock back a decade or
>> two (and maybe age the filestores it sees to match?)...  No?
>That's a good idea ;-) ... I guess we wind the clock back then `touch' all
>the files ...
>Mind you, the MEiKO will probably still be running after another 20 years,
>so someone will have to remember to do it again ...

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