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You must read this

Dear all,
	 I've just been sent, by the author, a reprint of a recent paper
which I think we'll all agree with, do go and find a copy, it's quite short
and very readable ...

"Java's Insecure Parallelism"
by Per Brinch Hanson
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 34, 4 (April 1999), pp38-45.

The abstract is:

"The author examines the synchronization features of Java and finds that
they are insecure variants of his earliest ideas in parallel programming
published in 1972-73.  The claim that Java supports monitors is shown to be
false.  The author concludes that Java ignores the last twenty-five years of
research in parallel programming languages."

The paper contains many quotable sentences, it's well worth a few minutes of
your time.


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