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eng267@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
> I did consider QNX at one stage for one of our embedded projects.  I'm
> afraid I lost interest after their demo disc crashed my PC!  In the
> end, decided I didn't actually need a RTOS.

Ah, that sounds like QNX. Linux rt seems to be much superior. See

http://rtlinux.cs.nmt.edu/~rtlinux/ with archives at
http://rtlinux.cs.nmt.edu/cgi-bin/wilma/rtl#browse .

The reference to QNX was that the SIMPL project was intending to use the
same primitives. I don't know whether there are any real semantics: parts of
it look CSP-ish, but in my quick skim I didn't find the word "event" which
isn't promising.

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