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RA and PhD student wanted

Dear All,

I have just been awarded an EPSRC grant in the Sustainable Cities Program
entitled "PEDFLOW: A Tool to aid design of pedestrian networks and
facilities in urban areas".  I thus have to appoint some staff.

An RA responsible for the development of the underlying model, which is
written in occam and currently executes on a DEC Alpha, though I would
hope to run the model on a dual processor Pentium using the Linux release
of KRoC, recently announced.  I shall be talking about this at the next
WoTUG!  You can see visualisations of the current model on my web page.

An RA responsible for extracting peoples' behaviours from video
recordings of street scenes and formalising these into canonical
behaviours which can be incorporated into the model.

A PhD studentship is also available on normal EPSRC terms, but funded by
Napier to support the programme of research.

Please could you bring these job vacancies to the notice of anyone you
think might be interested.  The start date for the grant is 1st June 1999.


Professor JM Kerridge		tel   	+(0) 131 455 4395
Department of Computer Studies	fax 	+(0) 131 455 4552
Napier University		email 	j.kerridge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
219 Colinton Road               web     http://www.dcs.napier.ac.uk/~jmk
EH14 1DJ