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Conflicting Priorities in occam

SKIP guards and special hiding

I wonder whether this is the way to specify SKIP guards: at first sight
seems to work for ALT:-

( (skip --> P) [] (skip -->Q) )\{skip} = P |~| Q

If you are more comfortable with occam, try something like

                              CHAN OF skip:
                                skip ! 1
ALT                             ALT
  SKIP                            skip ? any
    P            =                  P
  SKIP                            skip ? any
    Q                               Q

With the brand new version of hiding, this does not work for PRI ALT,
if I resurrect my old version of hiding -- call it "partial hiding",
perhaps -- then

( (skip --> P) [<] (skip -->Q) )\\{skip} = P 

where \\ is "partial hiding"?

Just thinking out loud. Haven't checked any of this. Should be on the

Dr A E Lawrence (from home)