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Re: Priorities in SPoC

Denis A Nicole wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, A E Lawrence wrote:
> > Have you any comment to make on how expensive it would be to detect
> > priority conflicts? As I have said several times, I suspect that it
> > would add an unacceptable overhead for software implementations. But you
> > are in a far better position to know.
> >
> > Also I wonder whether you have any gut-feeling about whether in
> > principle SPoC should signal "critical error: priority conflict" on our
> > little test programs. On safety grounds.
> The point of my little explanation was that SPoC doesn't really do PRI in
> any useful way for real users, because it doesn't respond to external
> events. 

My question was indeed about principle rather than an implementation in
In haste,

Dr A E Lawrence (from home)