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Re: Conflicting Priorities in occam

P.H.Welch@xxxxxxxxx writes:
> > Continuing this plot to fill Peter's mail box before he gets back tomorrow...

> Humm ... you're going to regret this ...

You're right! :-(

Actually, it looks as if I have to depart for Cornwall on Thursday, and I will
be off-line until at least Monday. And tomorrow looks busy as well. So I am not
sure that I will even be able to read all the mail let alone understand and
formulate any replies in much less than a week. But we have some really
interesting stuff. I need to look at some of the past WoTUG papers. I
have the majority of the proceedings here, but am missing a few. Do we have
them on-line anywhere? In passing, I imagine that IOS aren't going to object
if we post our papers somehwhere after, say, 1 year. That can't hurt their
sales. And it would make some of the important stuff more widely known. 

I suppose that we still need printed copies (as opposed to a CDROM perhaps)
for use during the meetings? Now if we all had laptops, maybe we could
stop wasting trees? And waste oil & coal instead in the power stations :-)

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