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Re[2]: Too good to be true: Re: Asynchronous Exceptions in J

Ian Page wrote: 
>My guess is that this timing model is too tight for most of the systems that 
>you are interested in, but I think the basic observation is just as true for 
>you as it is for me: without the ability to express, reason about and control 
>the temporal behaviour of programs, you simply cannot expect to build 
>real-time systems routinely.

Right On!

This consideration is showing up in some areas that involve parallel 
processing, the MPI/RT standard effort for example. I'm afraid, though, 
that we are a long way from a generally useful methodology built on a 
rigorous foundation. Can anyone offer some much-needed "magic" in this 


James Wolffe
Sr Member Technical Staff
Northrop Grumman Norden Systems