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Re: JavaSpaces...


In my folder of Linda stuff I have an internal Inmos
article that was handed me on an early occam course:

"The simplicity of Linda", Steven Ericsson Zenith,
Arhitecture Group, Dec.7.1988, MCD INMOS

"Linda is elegant and easy to understand, so let's keep
it simple"

"The Linda model of communication is a higher level model
than the Occam model of message passing. In some respects
it is more like a system facility than the direct simplicity 
of point-to-point process communication. In a distributed
environment the tuple space passive data model alone
can play a role equivalent to that fulfilled by the filing
system on conventional machines. Many implementations
use Linda simply in that role, ignoring the implementation
of eval. But this is to miss the point. Linda is a new and 
complete parallel processing paradign worthy of our
attention. In my view we ignore it at our peril."

Øyvind Teig