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Re: Re. Lamport / Composition

I have skimmed *only* a couple of pages of Lamport's paper. I get the 
impression that he is speaking of the old original CSP, and does not appear 
to be familiar with recent versions. 

I think that the paper needs to be taken in context. Lamport has
worked on temporal logic for at least 16 years, and I think this is
really advocating that method. I am not an expert on temporal logic,
and I have not read much of his paper, so I may have got this wrong.
I have started making a few detailed notes, but I really need to
read some of the other stuff on temporal logic to make sure that I understand
the background. But I don't think it threatens any of the occam community's
cherished beliefs. At all. 

And blowing the HCSP trumpet for a moment, I think that his examples are
all captured simply and elegantly there. TBD.

In haste,

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