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Re: New Swing Library (JFC)

On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, phw wrote:

> > The new Java Foundation Classes (codename Swing) strongly discourage the
> > use of multi-threaded GUI programming. Quoting from one source
> > (http://java.sun.com:80/products/jfc/swingdoc-archive/threads.html)
> We have developed (actually Paul Austin, a third-year undergraduate at Kent
> -- properly trained in occam principles -- has developed) a library of Java
> AWT sub-classes that report all their call-back objects via JavaPP channels
> rather than call-back methods.

Gosh. I've just read the swindoc reference, and I had no idea how bad
things had gotten.  The clear message is that Real Programmers don't use
threads.  Unfortunately, this directly clashes with current evolution in
both PCs/workstations---all Real Men/Women have dual Pentiums nowadays,
unless they run bLeading Edge Alphas---and HPC; the US ASCI programme
has typically at least 8 way multiprocessor nodes. 

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