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Eric, James

Many thanks for your comments on my note on VCPs. 

To some extent both your postings elaborate on the "What is a VCP"
subject mentioned in my note. Perhaps we should rationalise (apply
occam's razor to) the various protocols which might be used. But one of
the great strengths of 1355 is its transparency to protocols. These
protocols must be handled somewhere, and some form of co-operation
between the  "VCP" and the host is most appropriate.

In fairness to the large PLD approach, it is intended to be
reconfigurable, and so is able to handle a variety of protocols also. I
still think this approach has great merit, and wish I had the guts to do
it. In the meantime, the processor approach provides both an insurance
policy for the market, and also provides a suitable program for hardware
compilation into the big PLD.

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