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Greetings from Utah...

This has been interesting. A couple of weeks ago a former grad student
dropped into my office, plunked a bottle of wine down on my desk, and 
offered to give a seminar on Java.  Seems he joined the Sun Java group 
a few years ago and has been with it since.

Ben Abbott and I were chatting with him after the talk, and we got around
to Java's origins. He commented that it was originally considered as a
tool to develop reliable code for real-time and embedded systems - something
without the baggage of C++ (apparently it was referred to as C-- for a time).
The more he talked, the more it sounded like they were looking for occam.
(He also noted that C++ seems to be losing its glamour.)

He is not aware of any embedded applications being worked on at this time. He
is working with a group that is converting all of their business applications
(?) to Java - with the eventual goal oof marketing this to customers.