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Java and occam

I have been folowing with interest the email discussion of channel
based comms in Java. I have played with Geralds solution and have some
ideas to share, when I get them working (hopefully later today).

But I just thought I would point out a German Group we might want to 
"correspond" with. The team have their own Java compiler called 
Their hompage is http://wwwipd.ira.uka.de/~espresso/

Part of their project in particular is of interest:

"Sane parallelism is achievable

We are addressing two parallel programming problems in Java. 

The first problem is from the point of view of the runtime environment where 
Java programs suitable
for parallelism are executed. We want to allow parallel Java programs to run 
on distributed
workstations on a local network in addition to shared memory machines. While 
the question of
parallel execution on special-purpose machines is certainly interesting, the 
problem of distributed
execution is both more applicable to the average user's situation, and is also 
less well-researched. 

Our second problem is from the point of view of language constructs for 
parallelism. Specifically, we
will design and build Java libraries to allow general purpose parallel 
programming with pipes and data
parallelism. We are especially interested in others' experience with 
parallelized Java, and if you have
any parallel Java code which you would let us examine, please send us email. "

Speak later