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Re: Java and Charles L.Perkins


Just a quick point ...

> 3. Occam (KROC) for Sun/Sparc uses Unix (I think)

KRoC only uses Unix for access to files and resources like the keyboard,
screen and time.  It does all its process scheduling itself.  In these
respects it is just like SPoC ... except that KRoC's process management
is faster and it handles the keyboard properly.

KRoC does not support PRI PAR (premptive scheduling) and probably needs to.
KRoC does not timeslice processes -- i.e. it relies on a process reaching a
scheduling point.  KRoC could easilly pseudo-timeslice (like Michael Poole's
386 compiler, which counts down a counter on each unconditional jump) if
that was felt important.  I think SPoC is, again, like KRoC in all this.

> I followed Occam and the TP a little many years ago but didn't
> realize it had some relationship to Java!

I think we need to get our act together and surprise them!

I've been reading the Java Piped I/O Stream code and will post something soon.