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Dear All,

The recent flurry about occam, Java et al. was being conducted on an
ad-hoc combination of mailing lists and individuals.  The list:


is to formalise this.  The occam3-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx seems not quite
appropriate -- occam3 having a close relationship with the parrot in
the Monty Python sketch ...

So ... please use this list to continue such debates.  To find out who
is on the list, email <list-manager@xxxxxxxxx> with the one-line
message: "who occam-com".



PS. Remember one of the runner-up entries in the Aberdeen WoTUG (1992) --
    that was the one the last draft of the occam3 manual was given to all
    delegates and the UK was in the throes of a general election:

    Q: "What is the difference between the occam3 language reference manual
        and the manifesto of the Natural Law Party?"

    A: "Well, both are worthy documents, but the manifesto of the Natural
        Law Party has a better chance of being implemented ... "